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Scrub your Prospect List

Does your company have a consolidated prospect list (database); and is it properly segmented?

In discussions with prospects and existing customers it isn’t unusual to learn that sales and marketing personnel keep their own list of prospects, which are often separate from other contact lists that the company might maintain. This can range from lists of existing customers that accounting uses to disparate lists accumulated over the years via trade shows, one-off marketing efforts and so forth.

The problem with not periodically consolidating and scrubbing your lists/database is that you are throwing away an opportunity to get back in touch with a lead or dormant customer that you have already paid to get.

The smart marketing money is on companies that carve out time in their schedules to periodically go through all existing databases of leads and customers in order to organize them by status (poor, good ,better) and needs. Once this has been done, it provides a ready-made market to contact via e-mail, direct marketing , telephone and so forth.

As an old sage said: ” We don’t have a sales problem…we have a lead generation problem”. Get a handle on old leads and customers and start targeting them again.

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