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Business goes Timeline

For months, Facebook followers wondered aloud when the company would roll out it’s Timeline format for its ‘Pages’ application. Well, we got that answer this past week.

On February 29, Facebook rolled out the new format for Pages formally. Early adopters were big-name companies like Subway, Nike and Coca Cola, while other companies are slowly starting to come on board with the new format.

Here at Hep Communications, we were intrigued by the new format, which is highlighted by a large banner (or as they prefer to term it cover photo), a now square profile picture and four sub images that link to different applications that page owners can install such as maps.

There are a few positives and negatives about the new format, which I will get into over the next couple weeks, but the most important thing to know off the hop is this – the Facebook Timeline is not an option.

Come March 30, all Facebook Pages will be forced to convert to the new Timeline format, or Facebook will automatically do this for you. What this means is that a staff party photo, normally more hidden in a photo album, could become the first thing a customer sees when they surf over to your Page. Not good.

So now’s the time to start making queries about how you want to (re-)build your Facebook brand, because everything’s changing very quickly. Give us a call at (204) 992-6400 to learn more about Facebook Timline and new branding strategies.

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