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I was on my way to meet with a client recently, and on the side of the road was a sign that read:

Firewood, Cheap, Ph: 999.9999

Despite the heavy traffic and the fact that it was just beyond a major intersection, it caught my eye because it was so straightforward…so simple. If I had a natural wood burning fireplace at home I definitely would have jotted down the phone number and called.

What also caught my attention was where the word ‘cheap’ was placed. Putting it below Firewood helped form the image in my mind that I’d probably be able to get a good deal on firewood – but that the wood was more than likely of good quality. If the sign had read Cheap Firewood I probably would have been less interested, as I’d be thinking the wood was of poor quality.

When you market your Winnipeg business, whether by billboard, radio, direct marketing or online, are you conveying the message you want to get across?

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