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Smaller Markets Need to Take Advantage

So there I was lying face down in a foot of snow just after my “yard sale” epic wipe-out on Mount Revelstoke that ended my ski day during my Christmas holidays.  When I finally hobbled back to my hotel room, I immediately Googled “Massage Therapy Revelstoke” with the hope that someone could give me a quick session to get me back on the slopes.  After finding the first search return that had a reasonable website, I left a message to call me.

I did get a call back only to find that the clinic was fully booked – but they recommended me to another clinic.  I called the recommendation, and to my delight was able to get in early the next morning.

I was well looked after – and I felt like I would be able to continue on with my skiing with her help.  I asked her why I couldn’t find her on my Google search and she mentioned that they were just finishing off their website – which would be launched very soon.   I suggested to her that she could “own” the massage therapy category for Google for Revelstoke by concentrating on a few important tips.

First – Blog.  For us at Hep this has helped us to be consistently ranked for such key terms as online marketing Winnipeg, Internet Marketing Winnipeg, and Search Engine Marketing Winnipeg.

Second – focus on Google places as an organic opportunity.  Claiming and populating your Google places account will allow you to have another mini web presence that not only will help with organic rankings but will also give you the opportunity to promote your business before they get to your website.

Third – create a simple Google adwords campaign that will serve the purpose of creating Google search opportunities while your website is finding organic traction.

Online marketing is now a mandatory function to create opportunities for your business.  This needs to be a priority for a new business especially struggling for new customers.   Remember 97% of all opportunities are now being sourced online. Don’t assume that you keep a small business growing with referrals from busy competitors.


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