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What is all this Buzz about QR Codes? What are they?

QR codes are two-dimensional bar codes that will lead a user to a webpage where they can learn about a product, service or business. Most smart phones are equipped with cameras that allow you to scan or read a QR code.

QR codes have been used in Japan for over a decade for commercial purposes, logistics, tracking inventory and advertising. They are now climbing rapidly in popularity within North America as we gain access to faster 4G networks.

How do they work?
Hep can generate a QR code for you and direct it to a webpage on your site or social media application.

For example, scan our QR code. You’ll be taken to the Hep Communications website:


NOTE: You may have to download free QR reader software if you don’t have it already., or if you have a Google app on your phone, choose the Google picture and scan the QR code.

Great Examples of QR Usage

Business cards
Business cards and other marketing peripherals are probably one of the most common ways to use QR codes because they are in the hands of your prospects already. You would just have to generate your QR code with a URL pointing to your company website, twitter account or blog and place it on the back of your card. After a meeting is over where an exchange of cards takes place, a prospect can easily scan your card and instantly do follow up search on you and your company.

Product Packaging
Imagine you’re browsing the grocery store and you see a product you’ve never heard of before. Scan the QR code and within minutes you have information on the company, the product ingredients’ and any other information that impacts your buying decision. Maybe you can even download a coupon to use at the till.

Service vehicles
You pull up to the parking lot and there is a large green van parked outside with the name of a local Winnipeg company on it. They claim to use Vegetable Oil to run the van as a green initiative. You’re environmentally conscious and interested to learn more, but probably won’t remember the website address by the time you get home. But wait – there’s a QR code on the back near the license plate. You pick up your smart phone, scan it, and instantly get access to a URL explaining the company, how they use veggie oil and other green initiatives. You vow to do business with this company as soon as possible.

Trade shows
Tradeshows are busy. We know you may not get to talk to each individual person that comes by your booth, but what if you had QR codes generated for a distinctive URL for each product or service you’re selling. As prospects browse past your displays, they can instantly learn about each one and give their name on a form there to contact for more information later. You also have the opportunity to give them a giveaway – some sort of brochure, business card or handout that has a QR code on it. This sends them to a URL that they can go to after the show that shows them everything they need to know.

There are a million ways QR codes could work for you. It’s digital, instantaneous information. We all know a buying decision could be made in less than two seconds. Show your customers why they should buy from you instantly.

OFFER: Try a QR Campaign!
For $795 – Hep will build you a landing page and a promotional video for a campaign of your choice. We will then generate a QR code to place on marketing peripherals to lead to campaign page.

Contact Hep at 992-6400 to get started.

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